How to Raise your Prices without losing Clients


This article was inspiring as to when increasing your prices you may lose some of your customer but,  those that are willing to take the price hike are in need of your services.  It takes a special type of client to stay regardless of the pricing that is being offered.  Also, this will give you new clients that are seeking your type of product line.

One must keep in line with their cost of doing business and what your profit line is in the industry month by month.

This is great advice for those just starting business or who have been in business for sometime and want to increase their profit margin without losing all of their customers.  This website offer some good advice.

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Marketing Strategies for Social Media Accounts


Strategies for marketing my business through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube


There are several ways to create marketing using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Each of these social media sources have their own advantages and disadvantages.   The first social media that I would use would be Facebook. 

In order to have a successful marketing plan using Facebook this can be done creating a Facebook page for your business.  Then join like groups and add the individuals that you are familiar with such as family and friends.   This will give me the opportunity to post, leave messages, create ads develop a newsletter, track performance and interact with the customers.   Facebook will not allow you to aggressively promote your business, so I must look at other ways to promote.  This will include updating your Facebook page, responding to the customers, creating a daily post and allowing questions/ answers.  Facebook is a good source for marketing through word of mouth from your customers to other individuals on Facebook.  Also, create a video using YouTube and add it to Facebook will help to promote my business.

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Social Media Marketing




Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, Pinterest, Diggs and YouTube are all great tools for social media networking.  The top five sites for social media are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg and YouTube.  These tools each have their own respective way of drawing the customer into your business via social networking.  They offer great ways to enhance your business while each has their own distinctive advantages and disadvantages. 

I had opened up Twitter prior to this class and closed it down immediately, based on false information concerning the users could infiltrate my computer and obtain my personal information.  After discovering that this was not the case, I reopened my Twitter account and have been rather active finding new resources to connect with on marketing, news, celebrity information/contacts, groups/organizations etc.  I believe that Twitter would be a very informative way to reach many potential customers concerning your business via social media marketing.  Twitter is a great tool to use, because of the Hashtag, one can create their own quotes to draw customers to your website.  Also, Twitter offers the TweetDeck which allows you to view your news feed and connect with potential customers faster.  I can see many individuals and businesses using Twitter to connect with as their social media source. Continue reading



I updated my twitter account to include my bio and other information.  Here is my business account with twitter:

Twitter@ComputersPeace.    I also added my video of my husband to the computer website.